life in India

Do we ever have enough?

Just some thoughts I wanted to share as I watched this beautiful soul collecting rubbish on the streets to sell on later to buy food for her family ❤️

We all have a purpose, a roll to play, stuff to do, people to see and places to go.
We all want more, want better, want an upgrade and wish things were better, wish life wasn’t so hard.

We wish we didn’t have to work so hard and for so long to pay the bills for the stuff we think we need, like the sky TV, the latest mobile, the big telly to watch Coronation street and Eastenders on after that really long, hard day at work, with a nice glass of wine or two to wash down the ready meal cos’ we’re too busy working to cook something nice.

We need to save for our holidays to escape the day to day, and save for Christmas or put it on the card to buy stuff for people we can’t spend time with cos’ we’re too busy working to buy the stuff they don’t really want anyway.

Then we’re tricked into spending that money on overpriced clothes and “designer” stuff only to wear someone else’s brand like the celebrities do as we think it will impress and make people think more of us, cos’ that’s what they sell us in the ads on TV, but they don’t, we love each other for what we are, and what we share, not the way we look or stuff we have.

This life is what it is, it’s precious, it’s short, it’s beautiful and crazy. So let’s be truly grateful for what we have, and not resentful for what we don’t.

Be kind, be loving, be free and live your life true to your heart.
Don’t follow the crowd, they’re all lost to, do what feels right for you, and follow your own dreams, not someone else’s, before it’s too late and that choice is taken away by hand that gave it to you.

Love you all x






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